Is Bill Gates Dangerous?

You most likely know who Bill Gates is: the founder of Microsoft, a computer programmer, and a centi-billionaire (with a net worth of over 100 billion dollars). In recent years, you may have seen him in the news discussing topics such as medicine, farming, global population, and sustainability. You might ask yourself, “Why is a computer programmer suddenly a voice of authority on any of these topics?” That’s a good question. Bill Gates maintains a benevolent facade through his humanitarian efforts, donating billions of dollars to global research in areas such as food, medicine, and housing. However, all of these interests disguise and facilitate a sinister worldview.In this episode of “Ideas Have Consequences,” we will discuss Bill Gates’ utilitarian and utopian worldview. Gates sees everything—food, land, energy, money, and even human beings—as resources that can be allocated for the “common good” of the planet. Gates believes he is an arbiter of everything on earth because of his wealth and influence. Gates is an atheist elitist who holds nothing but contempt for humanity.

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